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We welcome the submission of research papers on the non-limitative list of topics below.

  • Retirement saving and planning for Individuals, life-cycle investment, longevity risk, demographic transition,
  • Online banking, direct finance, crowdfunding, robo-advisors, web insurance,
  • Credit, mortgages, consumer indebtedness, distress, personal bankruptcy,loan delinquency cure rates,
  • Consumer finance regulation, legal protection of consumers, investors and borrowers,run risk, systemic risk of consumer products (mutual /UCIT funds, ETFs,personal pension products, etc.),
  • Behavioural finance, individual preferences and decisions,
  • Behavioural biases, mental accounts, prospect theory, nudging,
  • Individual data (real time consumer data, scanner data, GPS data, etc.), protection of individual data, treatment of large individual databases (machine learning, Bayesian methods, big data, semi-structured data, etc.),
  • Design of student loans, microcredit, micropensions,
  • Financial literacy, consumer-level investor education,
  • Fraud detection, blockchain technology, smart contracts,
  • Effects of fintech development on growth, welfare and inequality.

Follow this link to submit you paper : http://www.financialrisksforum.com/risk2017/submit_work.phtml

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